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Heart’s Tapestry is a beautiful heart centered healing retreat located in Miami, Florida. Founders Monica Viamonte and Dania Alen invite you to come and explore your inner world. Here you can experience and learn, promote self growth, self development and self awareness using multiple healing modalities: A safe loving space in a peaceful setting in which to heal, to gather in community, to share, to connect, and to celebrate the light that we all have within.  Read more…

See full length videos of our Retreat Center, Accommodations & Grounds

Take a guided tour of your inner world

Uncover the layers of emotional, physical and mental experiences that hold you back from living the life you truly desire

Feel lighter and freer, experience stronger, healthier relationships

The light you have within


After working with Monica and cultivating awareness about what it meant to actually “feel” my feelings, I participated in their PTI program. The program changed my life and most importantly, my relationships, in profound ways. All of this work is done in a safe and loving environment and I have made deeper friendships than I ever thought possible. If you do one thing for yourself, this is it.

Rating : 5

This work is a deep dive into yourself, into old wounds, beliefs, feelings and behaviors. It is removing layer upon layer and examining each one, letting go and finding the truth. For me it was a true awakening, both emotionally and spiritually. A rebirth to who I truly am and who I was meant to be. My life has forever changed because of it and I am forever grateful!

Lauren Mills
Rating : 5

Heart’s Tapestry is a growing loving and healing community. I highly recommend Heart’s Tapestry to anyone who is searching for love, happiness, self acceptance, good relationships, peace and harmony. You will experience a wonderful life changing experience with Monica and Dania!!!!! They are both so amazing!!!

Roy P., Miami
Rating : 5

This is the most amazing place for healing and growth. Monica and Dania are souls of light that entered my life 3 years ago and I’ve been able to reconnect with my essence, making peace with my past and embracing my present!!!!

Adriana C., Miami
Rating : 5

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